Money priority

There are few core life skills that are as important as personal finance.  Yet how many elementary and secondary schools teach anything remotely similar to a personal finance course or integrate money principles into existing classes?  By the distribution of income in the U.S. the answer is: almost none.

According to Washington Center for Equitable Growth 2015 analysis, the top 1% earn over $1.2 million per year while the bottom 10% earns only $33K.  As a Personal Responsibility advocate, I don’t blame the 1%’ers or even the .1%’ers who bring in a whopping $6 million annually.  In this country and many around the globe, our destiny is in our own hands. There is enormous opportunity to move up the income ladder in developed countries.

But most poor and middle class do not.  And the consequences of the inequality become part of the culture that we accept as normal:

We see the social tension that comes from poverty.
70% of divorces cite money to be a primary cause.
There are great ministries that die on the vine because of lack of funding.
Job satisfaction remains chronically below 50%.
College graduates carry debt from student loans that will take decades to pay off.

This blog is designed to provide encouragement and key information to middle Americans who could tip the scales and help close the gap between the have-lots and the have-not-enough.  This blog is a challenge for you to rise above mediocrity of the routine of life we call a rut, and learn the principles that the .1% use to create a life of luxury, and make an impact in the world.

Stay tuned…  the secrets are about to be revealed.  Get ready to take massive action.

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